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Amber Tinting guitar neck


I did my first neck tinting with Mohawk Amber and like the results! I cleared it with Gloss lacquer. I really should have let it cure more but after dropping it not once but twice(!) I went ahead and slapped it on the guitar. Next time I do one I'll use a paint stick attached to the heel or hang it on a wire.

Before in the unfinished raw state:  photo 375DD6A2-32EF-4620-98B9-F0AC87F1AAEC_zpspkwzdu7y.jpg

 photo 8C5896C0-AC1D-49B1-9B55-B8D070729A4F_zpstevvs56h.jpg

A jazzmaster neck

 photo AA81DE5F-1146-406A-B589-A75384E39C09_zpsy6popzhk.jpg

With some got dark quick, surprised me.

 photo 4AC845F7-0DE0-4426-96F6-0A2BC394473F_zpsjgoqvywq.jpg

 photo 942B4D3B-8932-4E7E-BEA5-82E23ADC15BE_zpseokz1xas.jpg

 photo A6F95B65-30DB-4596-9160-D041AD41712A_zpsjiiapyiu.jpg

 photo 9665467F-9BCD-4485-90D7-11EB0A25D523_zpsxzgklgan.jpg

 photo 389B5AB4-093A-4AE1-A9B6-575CAF4C5058_zps0xdh7hm2.jpg

 photo DA145544-D70A-4571-8501-2425FA57D084_zpse2cwmkvc.jpg

 photo D04458F2-F858-47DC-A6BB-E9CE47722EB3_zpsrvsoplsh.jpg

 photo 041979BE-8007-4D32-B240-D214A838D31B_zpsw7icdqhi.jpg

 photo 21AFE579-2D27-469F-ACD8-BD5600339619_zps3b5alm8h.jpg

 photo C4074FCB-585E-4866-9793-F3BD8B45E8C6_zps9a06vdhr.jpg

 photo AC9E50EC-0472-4D21-9824-429A70E6CF69_zps8nubwn8l.jpg

On the ash body

 photo 93517A2A-B152-424E-9F72-A673D1E4B87F_zps3hcjshah.jpg

I still need to dress the fret ends and tweak a bone nut, oil the fretboard etc. A temporary plastic one is in place now. It was fun and a learning experience.


Looks great! I like the look of the whole guitar.


Nice! How'd you score the waterslide?


Nice and you have the proper decalage.


WOW...that is a looker!

...could you describe the rest of the guitar parts/assembly?


Nice work. Behlen makes a vintage amber tint in a rattle can. Works very well too.


That's always fun to do. Nice job


Thanks guys! The waterslide is from George Charles in New York.

Here the back story on my JM build Link


I was thinking about shooting the body in Amber too, it's a neat look as is. That would mean more work. What do y'all think?  photo 1493DBE0-1AD3-42C8-98BA-526FE2A33A8B_zps36fmxv9n.jpg

Toddfan, it's a Fender Lic. Allparts swamp ash body, BHefner Fender Lic. Jazzmaster neck with tall frets. Kluson tuners and Fender hardware with some great sounding Curtis Novak vintage style pickups.

Got some correct fitting covers from Curtis today!

 photo E52511F1-B6D5-4E93-8857-B8C9F647AC04_zpsdv77absq.jpg


That turned out great Paul and a third drop woulda been the charm ya know


Very nice, Paul. Love the whole guitar.


The whole guitar looks great. I bet it sounds even better.


Thanks fellas!

Ist going to sound heaps better when I get the new correct pickup covers on. The ones that are on it now the poles don't line up. I believe I had bought MIJ Fender covers by mistake when I was sourcing parts years ago. The mismatch is causing the pickups to set lower than I'd like. I need to add some foam under the bridge pickup while I'm at it.


What's the story on that red Telecaster looks like w/ KOOL ashtray on. They should all be played w/ ashtray on like God and Leo intended.


 photo E40D8378-DF6A-4585-99F1-502BAB19C261_zpsqyarfy5a.jpg photo DA77A1D7-15AD-45E3-8A6E-3287C1E6C5AD_zpsaucwiyjl.jpg

 photo null_zps03a5b0f3.jpg  photo null_zps6a9613bf.jpg  photo null_zps5a6f89fe.jpg  photo null_zps87d6371d.jpg Parts Tele. Lite weight thin nitro finished 59 style top loader with a tummy cut. Excellent Curtis Novak pickups. Normal switching and controls. Wide nut on a flamey chunky neck loaded with gotoh klusons. I forget the maker but it's a familiar aftermarket custom brand. Feels great with tall frets I believe.

 photo 2D44AF87-FB30-4935-A799-BAC0760595B1_zps3ucpxal2.jpg


Looks like Muddy Waters' Tele


I love it...I just upgraded the hardware when I got it. It was a local CL deal I got years ago. Mix matched stuff on it, mex flat bridge w 6 saddles, weak pickups, cheap tuners...all the symptoms you look for. But the neck and body spoke to me! Some checking going on. Here I'm experimenting with a black bake guard wishing the neck pickup slot was correct!

 photo 1D701B5C-D96F-4E4F-BA9E-C7E48223A3E8_zpsp1zb5lfd.jpg

 photo 3B92AAF9-46AE-4A6E-BE5F-AEAC233EFFE6_zpsrrzllvcb.jpg

Curtis' pickups sound incredible in this thing. It makes it. Heavy knurled knobs for swells!


Hey Paul, was that the Mohawk Ultra® Classic Toner Amber on the JM neck? Looks good, and so does the Tele, I like projects like that, and I agree, I really like the way Ashtray covers "look", just a lot more comfortable playing with them "off"


Norm, this is what I used. Canned not far from me in the pretty town of Granite Falls.

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