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Hey, I am in Dry, Hot, Vegas. I have been very reluctant to own an acoustic guitar. Due to the weather. I will get a hard shell case and humidify it. I like the Gretsch White or Red guitars BUT they are Indonesian made, Are these OK guitars? I have a proline, so I know it won't be as good. Any help here? BTW, I looked at the Rainsong's too much $$ for me right now. Thanks for your advice and opinions! MK


Unfortunately Gretsch acoustic guitars (IMO) don't measure up to the standards established for Gretsch electric guitars. Their tones generally tend to be "thin" compared to several other brands.

Seagull Guitars offer VERY high quality guitars at very reasonable prices.


Thanks, I have decided a Seagull! You are super, man!


Seagull are a great value for money guitar, and really nice guitars in general.


Depends on your wants and needs. Too many variables otherwise.

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