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A special Champ build


One of my favorite things to do is to cook up an amp build for members here. I don’t do it very often, which is fine. It just has to happen on its own. Several members who are very near and dear to me have one or more of my creations. Not that I actually created anything, but I riffed on a classic to give it my own flavor. (See also: Lawrenceville) Bryan K. is one of those people Who I consider a great friend, even though we have never met face-to-face. So when he asked me to stir up a champ for him, I gladly took up the task. Brian is one of many here who always supported my volunteer trips to the third world - and there are some years I would have never made it without the GDP family. I want this amp to put a smile on his face. So far, it sure does mine.


A side note: my late mother bought me that ancient 1960s pastel blue bakelite Weller WTCP soldering iron decades ago at a garage sale. It's built dozens of amps and repaired hundreds - basically every solder joint I'be ever poked around at. If it ever dies, I'll probably have to bow out. I can't even function with something else. I've tried.


Friendship = a classic win-win situation without even thinking about it


That is so cool, Josh! So, what do you start with? A modern Champ, replacing the parts?


Nice, may I ask what Speaker you decided to go with?


Bob, Around holidays, Mojotone runs 15% off sales - so we got a sweet deal. Their kits have all of the same stuff that the high end boutique guys would use. I seal and tint the tweed with Minwax Honey Pine, stain the interior with chestnut red (like 50s Fenders), and build it up. I did sub in some SoZo yellow capacitors for good measure - not that Orange Drops are bad.

Norm - the kit comes with a Mojo 8" "American Vintage", which ironically is made by Celestion. It sounds really good. Maybe a tiny bit stiff, but it should break in.


I'm one of the lucky owners of a Joshified amp. It's a beautiful beast... just like him. ;)


I've got my mom's old Weller too! Been thinking about a kit amp - thanks for the inspiration.


That's great. Love that you still have the soldering iron!


ix Do it!! But the suggestion by Mojotone that it's a 4-hour build is ridiculous. Try 8.

Thank you, Bob and Mark!

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