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hi everybody, i'm about to install a tone selector switch into my guitar that has dynasonic pickups. when the tone selector switch is on bypass, i want to hear the brightness of the my 500k volume pot. but when the tone selector is put into it's 1st frequency roll off position, i want it to sound like i have have a 250k volume pot installed. does anyone know which value capacitor i should buy to accomplish this? i'm thinking either .01 or .0068, but can't decide. does anyone have any opinions? or, mathematical formulas to help me figure this out? any feedback would be much appreciated. thanks!


You will need to experiment some since the exact value will depend on many things - including things that change from day to day.

The amp, the cable, the state of your ears at the time, the room you are in, etc. will all affect your perception of the high end of the PU signal.

Note that some players consider the difference between a 500K volume pot and a 250K pot on a modest-impedance PU to be negligible at most.

But to get a rough guess:

.01 uf will be far too much

I suggest starting in the .0015 uf to .0022 uf range.

It is possible that in your opinion a larger cap such as .0039 uf will sound more like a 250K volume pot.

But if you use a low capacitance cable, play in a room with no carpet or drapes over the windows, are very sensitive to the high end output of your guitar, and note the rather sparking sound of Dynasonics, you may very well prefer a cap smaller than .0015 uf.

Note that the typical tone switch values on a Gretsch guitar are .012 uf and .0039 uf. Some consider the .012 uf cap to be unusably muddy.


chrisp2, thank you for your input!

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