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1958 Country Club Binding and neck reset.


This has been drying for a few weeks and will get finished up and sent out next week. In my mind the 1958 Country Club is the grail for Gretsch and yes I have one so you have to factor that in. It's transition year from Dyna's to Filters so the pickups are closer to the bridge and add a certain snarl when you dig in. Also interesting to note that we both chose non-period correct V cut units.

Crowbone took this shot, mine is the green one and yes they have consecutive serial numbers.



Very cool and nice work.

I like how the V-cut on the natural one could be an early mod as it's the long tail which was only available for a few years and the body shadow on the guitar's butt evidences that the long tail Bigsby has been there a very long time.


Consecutive numbers? How cool is that? Love your Club and that ole gal look like just as much fun. Looks fine in that natural finish, too.


Every time I see the results of Curt's fine work I tell myself I need to get my guitars to his shop.


Cad Green Emerald Green... whatever, that color just kills.


Cad Green Emerald Green... whatever, that color just kills.

– DCBirdMan

Thanks, it's Cadillac Green not the new Cataract Green...


Oooo. Stepped binding. Bet that was fun to work with. You mentioned in another thread about this one and it was cool to see it; I've seen that on a solid top Synchro 300. Looks fantastic.


Does the binding in the f-holes ever go off in the same way? I guess that'd be hard to replace.


No I’ve never seen any rot with the f hole binding. As severe as the rot was on this guitar the neck and headstock were not affected. Some have suggested that Gretsch bought cheap binding and guitars like this prove otherwise.


Somebody’s going to be very happy. Looks great.


Somebody’s going to be very happy. Looks great.


Curt, your work is astounding! Gorgeous!


Every time I hesitately think of selling my blonde '58 CC something like this thread comes along...

Nice work as always, Curt. Thank you for sharing this stuff.


Again consecutive serial numbers which I did my best to A/B them, they're similar but not the same. The natural has a laminated maple and the caddy green a laminated spruce top. Bridge sounds are real close and the neck pickup are a bit different, the green has more low end punch.

What a fun and exhausting project it was.

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