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1958 Anniversary tone question


I recently bought a very nice sunburst 1958 Anniversary. It has a PAF FilterTron. I have not pulled the volume pot or mud switch but I have no reason to suspect they are not original. I have made some observations about the tone and I would like to share. When the switch is in the lower position, it's super bright and as I roll the volume down, it is a smooth volume transition with the exception of losing highs...typical of a tone control without the addition of a small cap like Fender does. In the middle position, which is "kinda mud but not really", the volume drop is quite sudden as the pot is rolled down. When it's in the upper "full mud", the volume drops to almost nothing if the pot is turned down 1/4 turn. I get the feeling there's nothing broken here, it's just a characteristic of the model, but I'm hoping someone will confirm this. In addition, if there is any modification I can do, like a treble bleed circuit of some sort, I would be open to that.


All the mud/tone switches I've ever seen have been; middle - normal top or bottom depends on switch orientation bottom - top end rolled off top - more top end rolled off

maybe the difference in volume adjustment is perceived based upon the first adjustment having top end in


Should be exactly as Toxo describes. I have a '58 Streamliner which is -- guts-wise -- the same as a '58 Annie. The mid position on the mudswitch is pure-tone bypass. Essentially a "hot rod" wiring just being the pickup and volume. I've found that to be brighter than the two-pickup variety. It may be that your wirings been played with or that the factory still hadn't gotten their wiring right yet. You shouldn't be experiencing any dramatic volume shifts.


Thanks for the replies. I think my next move should be to go in and see what it has for a volume pot and also look at the solder joints at the mud switch. If it's seemingly original, I will likely leave it alone, even if it's quirky. If it looks like it's been altered, then I'll consider my options (without drilling holes or butchering of course).


That's a fairly easy wiring system to take out but it can help if you use that TV Jones thing of putting a hose around the tip of the selector switch as it's much easier to pull back through when you put it back together.

I'm pretty sure on my 1960 6119 (also same wiring as yours) I modded the mud switch so it is normal in two positions and perhaps cut the mud down some in the remaining position; or maybe left the mud switch intact in that last setting for that setting (I cant remember at this point).

I also seem to recall putting in that volume pot mod so the guitar doesn't lose tone the instant the volume is lowered. It works pretty good (for me) with all these low grade mods. It sounds like there's a possibility someone tried this sort of approach with your Anniversary at some point.

A pic or two of your new guitar is always welcome.


Here it is. The pickup ring was homemade wooden. I replaced it with a repro. It came with the original Space Control bridge but I installed a bar bridge. I put the SC in the case of course. The Bigsby is non original. I had installed a lighter spring from Reverend Guitars but it didn't work well with the 12-52 roundwounds so I went back to the heavy one. I'd rather have to push a little harder and keep it in tune. I don't know what to say about the pickguard. It may not be original. No matter.


I've never seen a mud switch that didn't have the bright, wide open setting in the middle. So, I would guess that something's been changed. But as long as the wide open setting is there, I guess I wouldn't worry about it much.


Nice Guitar Scott, I really like those old SunBursts


Beautiful guitar Scott. Does it have the heavy or light trestle?

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