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1952 Les Paul Goldtop Gets A MojoAxe Bridge


I know that some of us are into Les Pauls so I thought you'd like to see this video I made about fitting a MojoAxe bridge to a 1952 Goldtop.


Cool video, Huw!
That guitar sounds great. I have used MojoAxe bridges on several guitars and they always sound great.


he says at the end that the guitar is going off for a re-finish! I assumed it had already had one...looks minty


I enjoyed the video, I definitely noticed an improvement in tone with the new MojoAxe bridge. It's nice to be able bring new life back into these old guitars, the owner has a great piece of history.


I think it's some sort of poly finish - the colours are a bit off, particularly on the back. Looks more like a Greco or Tokai, even if it does sound pretty righteous.

And for the record, I'm a big fan of Grecos and Tokais


When it comes back from Clive Brown, I would expect it to look like a 52 Gibson Goldtop that was never refinished.

Which is kinda the point for the owner...


I really liked the video. And I feel the Mojoaxe was a great replacement for that '52. I've had mixed luck with MojoAxe bridges, but I've only used the wraptails. I put one on a Historic SG Special, and I just couldn't get the intonation where I could live with it, but recently, I got a Historic Les Paul '54 reissue, and the Mojoaxe really intonates well and rings like a bell.


Seems odd to me that you can’t adjust the height of the new bridge?


You can adjust the height - but only upwards in this case because it's absolutely flat on the body to get the action low enough. Results might vary from guitar to guitar and on some Goldtops you may need to raise the bridge. But I'm only speculating.

I believe I'm correct in saying that the MojoAxe can be fitted to ES225s and ES295s, where they'll mount on the original thumbnail pedestals and be fully adjustable.


That's got to be such a big improvement Shuggie. Years ago I knew a drummer who had one of those trapeze goldtops, he let me play it once. The bridge assembly looked lovely but in practical terms was so weird in that application, like it hadn't been thought through properly.

Best part of this modification is that it still looks the part. Handsome video too, great communication in a stylish presentation.


Thanks ade

Trying to figure out this video thing as I go along but it’s fun doing them.


Really like the video - you almost sound Welsh!

I remember seeing these bridges before - I was hoping that they might work on my ES-225. But from memory I think they won't fit. Could be wrong!


Actually I think they can be fitted to ES225s. The height adjustment feet can be removed from the MojoAxe and it can then be mounted on the ES225's pedestal feet.

Check with MojoAxe first, but I can't see any reason why not.

Although as an ES225 owner myself, I wouldn't bother unless yours is a 59 with an ABR-1 or you're EXTREMELY sensitive to intonation issues.

If you think the difference between the stock bridge MojoAxe was noticeable, it's nothing like as dramatic as the difference between an ABR-1 and the stock bridge.


I love my LP and Tokai and Edwards LP clones.........I definitely enjoyed the video and thanks for posting!!!


Well I've enjoyed my ES-225 RI from new as it is so don't feel a great need for better intonation . But if a solution came along which was virtually identical to stock but had perfect intonation I'd probably go for it. The 225's bar is made of something pretty heavy though - definitely not aluminium. I suspect steel. And I am extremely happy with that sound! Easily one of the best sounding guitars I have ever played.


I think you're right Jimmy, it is steel. And I agree those bridges sound great.

There is an alternative called the Glaser bridge, which is made from brass and looks a tad more like the original. But it also has rudimentary intonation compensation like the MojoAxe.

Not sure if it's 225/295 compatible, but there is one on the way so watch this space - and indeed Tone Twins TV - for updates...

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