Gretsch Garage Sale

Wurlitzer/Lyric electric piano fs/ft


It's an oldie. 70s?? I'd sell or trade. It works great but I don't play piano and I've got GAS. Make me an offer?? I might not refuse! :)


I am a non smoker in Lone Grove, Ok and would love to step into a LP, Ric, or as we all love... Something Gretschy.. :)


I got it in 03?? at a university auction. I have cleaned it up and wired it to a grounded wall plug. Re glued all loose tolex. All tolex is in fairly good shape aside from a scratch or two. I do have the wire music rack that attaches to the top. It only has 1 knob however.


You have the school model. They have headphones and no tremolo. It's still the classic Wurly sound that's on all of the Sixties records and Seventies records.


Yep. I did not realize about the vibrato on the wurli... Im wanting a gibby LP or a Ric 330 or 360. Or a pa if I can't make a deal w someone.


Not to be a threadkiller, threadkiller, but I know the school models are not as desirable as the screw in leg models 200 and 200a - that's usually why they turn up in public auctions frequently.

Having said that, good luck! :)


That's a model 206. I have read that the vibrato circuit is still in there, but just not brought out -- and it can be activated.

206s were much more common in schools. Speakeasy Vintage Music (RIP Steve) went around buying them up from school storage facilities.


Cool wurli - I would be interested in that but shipping something that large is not worth it for me. Best of luck on the sale though.


Ben if you're interested I live in southern Oklahoma. I have no problem meeting you part way. We can nix shipping.


The circuit board is the same as the 200. Only the 10K Tremolo pot is missing. I know the console models aren't worth as much, but it's irrational.
BTW, I have parts and all of the service info, etc.


I thought there were a lot of resistors and caps that had to be wired in as well BZ...? I had been looking on YouTube about the vibrato mod. Is it just a pot replacement?


I think L stood for Lab, where these were used in series with a master console. Console models have a big cab w/ more speakers, etc. so they have a deeper sound.

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