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WTTF: Gibson SG (Found!)


I have a Gretsch G2622T like the one pictured here, Deluxe Reverb RI, a Twin Reverb (if you're close), a few pedals, some cashola, and/or I could build something from my product lineup:

Really looking for a cherry finished SG Standard, but would definitely consider others.

PMs work for as me AFAIK, but feel free to post here or contact me directly. Thanks!


Bump for the weekend crowd


I sold my '73 SG Custom decades ago.

One of a few guitar related regrets.


I sold my '73 SG Custom decades ago.

One of a few guitar related regrets.

– crowbone

I had a chance to grab a 70s SG in a trade for my Dobro Houndog when I was in my 20s. I thought it was too beat up, so I took home an import Epiphone instead... a factory second too. Ugh. One of my worst deals. Guess I'm trying to make up for it now :)


Found one! A mid-90s Special with an ebony board. Born just 3 days after my 21st birthdayI keep telling myself I don't like black guitars, but I seem to have more of them than any other color. Should be here next week. Looks a like this one here...


That special is almost identical to mine. Thought I'm pretty sure Specials always came with open coil HBs, so those likely aren't stock. I put HB sized P90s in mine and love it even more. Great guitars. I've been searching for a "replacement" for mine since she's so beat up, but I've tried dozens and none have come close for me.


I'm sure you're right about the pickups. The picture above isn't mine. I just grabbed a photo of what it will look like. I prefer the look of covered pickups. Mine currently has Bareknuckle Black Dog zebras installed, which I will be pulling and selling off to recoup some cost. I'm planning to install 490s or wind my own. Still no trackng # after a week though


11 days with no tracking number, and the seller has gone dark. So, I'm back on the hunt.



I tried PM through this site, guessing it doesn't work. Give me a shout: MD

– mad dog

Aw, man, and I thought my PMs worked

Email sent. Thanks!


I found one... a cherry Standard from '05. I didn't want to post anything until it showed up

It was the strangest packing job I've ever seen. The case was wrapped in cardboard... not really a box. The guitar was wrapped in bubble pack and sort of tucked back in the case with one latch closed. I thought it was going to be broken for sure, but it arrived unscathed.

I absolutely love this guitar. It's so light and the geometry just works for me. I got it for a steal too... less than a used faded special.

Looks like the picture upload is broken :/


Figured out a photo workaround...Here's the Standard I grabbed up. I liked it so much I traded an amp for another SG locally

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