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Do you have an inner Moondog? Seriously, a great story I wanted to…


Very interesting story. Thanks for sharing. I had heard of the term "Moondog" but never knew there was a famous person of that name (and a street musician at that!).


I met him. Had Moondog in my taxi a couple times in NYC, 1969 or so. I'd seen him, was aware of the guy but knew nothing about him. His friends would make sure he got a cab to get home when it got late. A couple times I was that cab. A cool guy, not exactly what you would expect under the Viking exterior. Gentle, observant, very intelligent and well-spoken. I much enjoyed talking to him.

A fascinating character. MD


I'd heard of him, but had no idea of what he was about. I knew he was more than a character in a Gidget movie. Interesting character---sort of a proto hippie. Interesting music, more interesting life.


I used to see him all the time out on 6th Ave when I was growing up in NYC



I remember him too. My parents told me he was a musician, but I never heard his music till I was much older.


used to see moondog on the streets of manhattan all the time as a kid... performing and just walking around…his "viking" look was a instant attraction to a kid…later i purchased most of his recordings, which i still enjoy to this day…he cut for prestige and columbia!..in europe where he emigrated in later life , he is considered a great modern classical composer



Moondog's story, unknown to me, is moving and inspirational. Thanks for sharing. A talented composer, guru and pre-hippy.


Glad you guys like and great story mad dog....it's amazing how small the world can be. I stumbled upon it when looking at pics of NYC before the 1990s. It's actually a pretty cool group on Facebook and I'm a NYC history junkie. I just thought the story was refreshing and different in so many ways and am going to see what I can get of his recordings.


Someone should make a movie of this.


Moondog was a human landmark on 6th Ave. I knew just bits of his whole story - wow - thanks for posting it.


Without knowing what the thread was about, I instantly thought of the actor that played Moon Doggie in the beach movies. The weird swarthy guy with a strange accent.

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