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WTT - Bigsby B6C


I have a B6C on my SSLVO in excellent shape. Looking for a Gretsch V B6C Bigsby. Trade?

Trade complete. Thanks Jarrod!


Is the one you have the Bigsby branded one with the black paint and pins? Which screw layout does it have?

Pic attached of mine that I think is the one you’re looking for. It’s a string through model that I pulled off a Players Edition 6118. It was only used for a few days.


I will be home tomorrow night and can post a photo. I did this swap about 10 years ago and iirc it’s the same pattern.

Yes, the one you have is the one I’m looking for. Yes, mine is black paint and pins. Ref photo by Streetsounds.



Jarrod rocks. Thanks for the swap!!!

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