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WTB: TruArc bridge w/base


Looking for a 9.5" TruArc w/base. Aluminum preferred. Replacing my bigsby bridge on my 2003 6120DS.


I happen to have those.


Looking for a 9.5" TruArc w/base. Aluminum preferred. Replacing my bigsby bridge on my 2003 6120DS.

– AllModCons

Me to. Email sent UK seller but no answer.


You can get my email address at I'll hook you up. No direct link to bases - they're from Gretsch, same as come on the pro series guitars. I have them.


How much for a Rosewood base to fit a 9.5 bridge. To be used with a Bigsby b6 Delivered? Will UK seller be answering email sent soon? Thanks


The Tru-Arc starts at £100, depending on the material chosen - ST and TI are a little more. I don’t stock the bases, but they should just drop right onto your existing base., as long as you don’t have a Bigsby compensated base as these have narrower post spaciing.


I assume that's the response from Deke.

If your guitar has the stock Bigsby Compensated Aluminum bridge, that's the base with variant spacing. We can make a bridge to fit that base (I have one in stock, but it's stainless and 12" radius) - or I can sell you a base to work with the standard Tru-Arc. 30.00 USD, plus shipping.

You can probably source it in Europe; it's the current standard Gretsch base.


Yes from Deke Mine is 9.5 radius. So if I choose options for compensated bridge it will fit my Base?


That will be a custom he'll order from me. Yes it will fit your base.


Lemme know if I can help any further...


You got it now, Deke. I'll wait to hear from you.


What sound do each metal make? Can't see it on website.


Which website?

My site surely isn't much, but descriptions of the four main metals are right in the 2nd column at the top of the page.


Anyways..... Seems like my posting got hijacked ,but thanks Proteus for the initial reply--I am kind of stuck on metal selection for the 6120 DS right now...Glad you can provide the base too(yes the bigsby bridge spacing is different)

Looking for a 9.5" TruArc w/base. Aluminum preferred. Replacing my bigsby bridge on my 2003 6120DS.


Why aluminium? Thought brass was more authentic?


Deke is a small one-man side business as far as I know. He has no actual shop, warehouse, fork lift... He's distributing Gretsch related items. He shares the passion for the brand, the music, the lifestyle. I doubt there's a big fortune to gain in it. I - living in Europe - am glad he does what he does. Cheers, Deke!


BBB64, aluminum is the "authentic" replacement for a Bigsby Comp bridge, if you're trying to retain (but enhance) the original aluminum tone.

Brass is more the more tonally "authentic" replacement for other Gretsch bridge types.

But for many people authenticity is not the only factor in the bridge decision - tone and other parameters come into play as well.

You might also reconsider attacking anyone's pricing structure when you know nothing about his costs. This is not a high-profit venture for anyone involved. Factor in packaging, invoicing, time, and postage: modest shipping charges add up to no way to make a living.

AllModCons, from the username I'm guessing you're in the UK. I encourage you to contact Deke at f-holes, and he can probably make your Tru-Arc dreams come true. If not, I'll be glad to price an AL-95 and matching base to you - just contact me at the email address on the webpage. (Private messaging through the GDP rarely works.)

And I'm sorry your thread was hi-jacked.


AllModCons (Jim) actually lives in British Columbia, Canada. I recently purchased a few GreTsch guitars from him.


Thanks for your support gentlemen, I appreciate it.

I would love to be able to offer free shipping, but both Proteus and I keep our margins as low as we can so there's no surplus profit laying around to cover registered trackable shipping. I suppose I could send it non-trackable, but last time I did that I lost £250 worth of pick-ups, so those days are over.

Postage costs are clearly stated before the order is placed (as anyone who has bought, or thought about buying, from me will know), so there's no big surprise.

Just for the record I have also responded to BBB64 in a private email.

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