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WTB TK300 Bridge Cover


Has anyone got a chrome bridge cover for a 7626/7627 TK300 bass they'd part with? PM me with a price. Thanks!


I can make one out of brass if you cant find one. Then you can have it plated


I had gotten a TK 300 bass from (Mike?) the Gretsch Lost Weekend/Booneville expert who used to hang here. The bass had a defective neck so he swapped the bass for that no-issues Broadkaster I have up here. He might be willing to part with it. He has a couple of ebay stores.. one is called lakeland guitars


this is the exact same shape - but it is too wide. It actually fit the Broadkaster basses of the 70's. I have been looking for TK300 bridge covers as well - the above is the prototype just need to shorten the distance between holes.


These always seem to be missing on those basses

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