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WTB: Tascam 244/246 4-Track machines - BOUGHT!


Tell me about what you have, seeking 2 similar units in serviceable condition...


keep an eye on this website. they come up a lot on there.



I have feelers out in a few places, had a few chats with Authorized Service Centers, etc.

I figure it best to buy two to restore one really well with some spare parts going forward.

The big question is whether to pay for one already restored banking on the fact that the work done and description are accurate...


I think I found my machine...need to make a call in the morning.


Remarkable. I was just corresponding with my brother concerning the current $300 one at shopgoodwill. I asked why such a price for this superseded technology.

His response: "People either want to digitally transfer their songs they recorded in the 80s like us. Or they mistakenly think because it’s tape it will fatten their sound. "

Does his response adequately answer the question of why there is a market for these today?


Happy Birthday to me...I bought a pair of them. 424MkIII unit.

The 244/246's sell at a premium for nostalgia and VU Meter reasons.

Had a line on a 234 4-track, that I could have matched up a newer mixer with, but couldn't make a deal that was better than getting the final Cassette version PortaStudio.

All 3 of those "2" units are a bit of the spare parts concern, too.

And with JAM's kind offering of a box of Maxell and Denon cassettes, I have my work cut out for me!

And I can send one or the other out for Service and still have one, as well as when the day comes use one unit for spares.


Congrats! What's the plan? Just some home recording?


The lofty goal is to record all the tunes and music I've written using all the instruments I've collected...

I'll need to get a CD Recorder at some point...Tascam makes a nice one of those, too.


I'd love to have some "me" time to do something like that. I have a 4 track Tascam cassette recorder collecting dust in my music room. My main problem is, I can't play drums and I'm not even real good with my drum machine.


I know where there happens to be a Roland VS2480 DAW with built-in burner, 4 effects cards (each able to supply up to 4 effects at a time) and a 21" flat screen....

But it's weigh to heavy to ship... sadly. An anchor would be less costly to Fed-Ex somewhere, I am sure.

With the rolling suitcase I stored it in, the whole shebang comes in at a little over 60 pounds. BEFORE you wrap a shipping crate around it.

Too bad... it's a nice, if somewhat elderly, unit.

Low hours

Lotsa toys....



Delivered this afternoon...

Hopefully, I'll get them to a Tascam Service Center soon enough for a Checkup/Tune Up.

One of the units has a minor, non-limiting Input issue. After reviewing the schematic, I think that it should be easy to sort out. Seems to be a fried OpAmp...probably from using both the XLR and 1/4 TS Inputs at the same time by accident. It's right in the literature NOT to do that. It could also be the XLR jack saw a mate that was wired incorrectly...wired in reverse, etc.

And I purchased a 1-year, full warranty for anything else that might occur...


I put my one unit out for a repair, partly to find someone who can help me keep them running, too.

After I received the Service Manual, I narrowed it down to either a switch or a bad solder joint.

Just took a couple days, ... broken connection between circuit boards.

Everything else Checked-out AOK...and fixed right here in Reno versus having to cross a Mountain Range!

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