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WTB: Rocking Bar Bridge


Does anybody have a RBB in nickel that they're looking to unload? All of the online suppliers seem to be out of stock right now. I know I could go the Tru-Arc or Compton route, but I'm not sure I really want to drop that kind of money right now. Just looking to try something other than the stock Adjustomatic on my 6120. I just need the bar, no base.


IMO, a stock RBB may be less expensive but it's not a good investment. Simply put, stock RBB's usually have a radius of 16"-20". Unless you have a 6120 with an unusually flat radius (most 6120's are 12" except for Setzers and a couple others which are 9.5" which would be an even more severe mismatch) or you are ok with high action and an uneven feel the flatter RBB is gonna cause buzzing on your middle three strings. I'm partial to Tru Arcs but a Compton would also be a good option. Again, my advice, stay away from a regular RBB. Just out of curiosity, what is your issue with the stock Adjustomatic? I know they can rattle, but that can be easily taken can of with some clear nail polish. Also, there are some ABR 1 style TOM's out there that have some design mods that eliminate the rattles/ fact Gotoh makes one that will not rattle that is pretty inexpensive and there is a TOM style bridge available from Philadelphia Luthier Supplies with snap in saddles that eliminates rattles that is easy on the wallet also. If you are chasing different or improved tone, a Tru Arc will get you there and improve action/playability.


Yes. Spend the few extra dollars on a Tru-Arc and your guitar will play AND sound waaaaay better. That is the truth. No hype, no gimmicks. Better material, more precise construction, etc.


Every Tru-Arc I have tried (7) have greatly improved the playability and tone of the guitar I put it on.


Nothing wrong with the Adjustomatic; I'm just a tinkerer who can't leave things well enough alone. I like the minimalist simplicity of the solid bar bridge, as well as the "vintage" aesthetic, and I figure enough people have upgraded that somebody might just have one lying around. I am aware of the potential radius mismatch, but if I can save a few bucks on a used one, then it's worth at least trying it out to see for myself how bothersome it is. I've also heard that 12" ones do exist out there, so I might get lucky. If not, I’m sure I’ll eventually pony up for a Tru Arc.


What did you want to pay for a used Gretsch rocking bar?


I got lucky with matching the radius of my RBB with the 2015 5420. Made a tonal improvement too

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