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WTB Oxford 8EV speaker


I picked up an old mid sixties Vibro Champ recently on CL that has had a long hard road. I am interested in restoring it to original. If anyone happens to have an old 8 inch Oxford 8EV around that you are not using, please send me a PM, I would like to buy it. Thank you


Does it need to be 4 ohms?


The original is 4 ohms although I know it will run an 8 ohm speaker. I've checked out most all of the replacements available and I've decided to go with a stock version (if I can find it).
Oxford 8EV


I have some 8EV’s but the cones are trash. The cones on those were tissue paper thin (as you know).

They’re out there. Happy hunting.


Still looking if anyone has one I’d really appreciate it.


Why not recone the one you have?


Sorry if I didn't make it clear, this Amp did not come to me with the original speaker, It had a newer 10 inch jammed in there, Amateur job to boot. I had hoped that someone might have an original in decent condition I could buy.


Use a better speaker...preferably 10". It'll sound so much better, bigger, deeper, and louder.

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