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WTB Jet with dynasonics and bigsby


Hit up Rocky from Street Sounds or Joel from Shanghai Guitars who are both sponsors of The Gretsch Pages. You can see links for them on the right.

What I did in 2012 was try one locally, realized the sound was exactly what I was chasing and then I searched for deals online and found a "used" 2011 DSV Duo Jet from Rocky. We spoke on the phone a few times and he was successfully able to ease my anxiety over ordering an expensive guitar online without trying it first since he is in New York and I am in Los Angeles. Street Sounds has a 3 day, no question asked return policy in case you don't bond with the guitar. The guitar was barely used which is why the word "used" is in quotes. I asked him about it and he said a customer bought the guitar and immediately returned it for a Custom Shop model. It still had the plastic on the control cavity covers. I attached the picture from Rocky's eBay listing. The guitar is definitely used now!


Thanks for the comment. I did once purchase from Street Sounds and it was great. I'm definitely keeping my eyes open for any appropriate listings

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