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WTB Jet case


I know it might be useless but,

does anybody want to sell a vintage tweed Jet case? or a new one?

I would be the right man to contact if so :)



1200 for a 6120 Tweed Case? Wow, I don't think they'll ever get that. But it would be great because I still have one of those lying around....8-)
I think they normally would be around 600?
Good luck Biel. It won't be easy finding one of those.


Hi Biel, look here Link... it will fit your Jet just like my 6121 :D

BTW ,hows about your new "Holly-Handles??" ;-) ;-)


;-) I've been looking for the same thing for 12 years, hence my eBay handle "Tweedcase".

Good luck my good buddy Biel!


Just bought the flat-top case from Blackrider - great price, fast shipping and it came with a free t-shirt!

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