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WTB HS Filtertrons (Aus)


Hey everyone

Before I go on eBay just thought I'd check here

Wanting some HS Filtertrons (dont mind what colour) New or used is okay, just as long as they're working ;-)

Also I'm in Australia (and will happily pay postage)

I can get a set of new ones for $110 shipped on eBay, so not really interested unless they're cheaper than that :P



Not sure what the supply in Aus is like, but that ebay price is pretty darn good for a new set Kris, not sure if used would be much more than $10 cheaper.

(I've sold two used sets recently for UK £90 and UK £80 on the bay)


Ah, alrighty

Thanks for the info; I thought that too somewhat (seemed quite cheap)

Still not sure what the going rate is in the USA

I'll probably just grab those ones off eBay :)

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