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Need some effects advice


I have your basic guitar-->effects pedal board-->single channel amp.

The pedal board is basic, all Boss pedals. I use a Super Overdrive most times.

The song is your basic ABABCAB type tune.

During the verse, I'm playing thru the Super Overdrive.

When the chorus starts, I want to kick in another layer of fizzy distortion (good old orange Boss Distortion pedal) but keep the same overdriven guitar underneath. I've tried switching pedals during the change, but it's not really working. I want to add a layer, not change the existing.

Ideal would be another distorted small amp that gets kicked on during the chorus and then off during the verses, but that seems like overkill and too many cords.


How do you keep an overdriven guitar, but add an effect on top of it. This has got to be simple, but I can't get my head around this. Hoping it can be done with some y cables and a switch box on the cheap.



Think I found my solution, A Boss LS-2. Anyone ever use one?


I was reading your post and was going to suggest something like that.

I have an LS-2, but I bought it for another reason, I haven't used it for that. It's not quite going to do what you want.


I think you want to run these distortion pedals in parallel.

You can try splitting your signal and sending it to both pedals. What other pedals do you have? Do you have any stereo pedals?


It could work with two LS-2, but now your getting into serious cash!

1 use the first pedal as a signal splitter. Set it to a+b->bypass, plug your guitar into the input, use the levels to control the signal going to the distortion pedals. plug the A output to one pedal and the B output to the other.

2 use the second pedal to mix the signals back together. Set it to a+b->bypass. Plug the Super Overdrive pedal into the input and the DS-1 into A. I can't remember if you have to jump the output of B to the input of B, I don't think so.

You can try splitting your signal with a Y-cable to each pedal. You will experience a loss of signal strength to each pedal, along with possible changes in the tone, which may or may not be acceptable. Some volume pedals have a tuner out jack that you can try.

It's putting the signal together again. You really want to separate the outputs, you don't want to use a Y-cable. You can do that with a pretty simple mixer, which is a couple of resistors.

I really think a custom loop pedal is what you want. One that will buffer the input, run the loops in parallel and mix the output.

You could try putting the DS-1 after after the Super Overdrive. I'm not sure that you will get layering that way.

You could consider putting an octave pedal infront of your distortion pedal. That would add a layer.

There's a way to get two different sounds from one pedal by changing the volume of the guitar going into the pedal. This is just like changing the gain setting. This can be acheived by changing the volume on the guitar or using a volume pedal. There's no layering there, but some pedals get very rich when the gain goes up.

Some of the Boss multi-effectors can run parallel signals.


Thanks Hammer!

Right now, I have these pedals is this order Guitar-->TU-3 (tuner)-->SD-1-->SD-1-->DS-1, CH-1-->Analogman ComRossor-->amp.

I've tried keeping the SD-1 and DS-1 in series, both turned on and it's a bit messy when I have both at the levels I want. Stacking SD-1's seems to work with one low dirt and the other higher. Keeps the same tone, but adds more when both are on, but not really what I'm looking for here.

I found a cheap LS-2 on Reverb last night and ordered it. Was thinking that I could make two loops. Loop A with the SD's. Loop B with only the DS-1. The tuner, chorus, compressor would not be in the loops but in the input/output and stay out of the loops. Leave the LS-1 in A+B mode so both loops are on at all times. Then kick on the DS-1 from the DS-1 when I need it. That's what I was thinking before I called it a night, We'll see. I'll let you know what I find. Thanks for the link and the advice!


You can use the TU-3 to split to two channels and the LS-2 to combine them.

Guitar into the TU-3, bypass to the SD-1, output to the DS-1. Then from the DS-1 to A input and the SD-1 to input. With the LS-2 in A+B->Bypass, switching the LS-2 will toggle the DS-1 on and off, and I think the B volume will adjust the amount of SD-1, but you may need to put a little cable from B Output to B Input.

There must be something you can do with the 2 SD-1s...let me think. Well, nothing comes to mind at the moment, it really depends on how you like the sound when using a Y-cable to split the signal.


You can use the LS-2 to try hitting your distortion pedals with different signal levels, the LS-2 acting as a boost or cut. If you set the LS-2 up in A->B->Bypass in front of the distortion pedals, you can have three levels of signal hitting the pedal.


That's something you can try with your DS-1 as well, set it up as a clean-boost to get different sounds out of the SD-1.


Picture worth a thousand words.

And you don't need a jumper cable.


Great ideas Hammer! Never thought of using the tuner as a splitter. Will give all this a shot. Thanks!


Just saw the pic you posted. Awesome, thanks man!


Hey Hammer. I tried it just like in the drawing. Works great! Thanks again!


Yep, adding more distortion will make you play and sound good. (sarcastic).

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