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WTB Hollow Body Corvette project


In my haste to fund another project I sold my Old Corvette awhile back. If anybody has an old hollowbody Corvette out there that needs “love”, I’m your Man, even if it’s a Husk, I promise to bring it back to its former glory and give it a good home! I've got the original pickup/s, knobs, wiring harness etc ready to go. I'm interested in bringing it to its OEM glory.

Thanks Norm


I've got a 4 string tenor Corvette archtop that would sell. It has all it's parts, so it's plug and play!


Thanks Ed, but I'm looking for a 6 string, I didn't even know that they made a 4 string archtop Tenor


Do you mean the ones that look like this? 1955?

I have one that I'm looking to sell. and it is indeed in rough shape.


Thanks so very much Buddy. You are a good Man. I hope you have a healthy , happy and prosperous Summer.

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