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WTB HIlotron pickups set


I'm looking to buy a set of Hilotron pickups, Preferably vintage ones. I live in Vancouver BC Canada so if you're in the USA you'd have to willing to ship there. Happily it's not a big deal.


A wise choice on the best pickup ever made -- better than '51 Broadcaster pickup, better than an '57 PAF


I dont have a set, but i have a single from a 1962 (i can post pics once im home)


Hey Buddy Mercury I missed your response to my want ad for hilotron pickups You said you had a single 1962? Do you still have it and do you know if it's a neck or bridge pickup? And what do you want for it? You can send me pictures to Thanks!


I have a set of HiLoTron pickups sitting here. They're out of a 1968 Double Anniversary. I would be willing to part with them, as I don't see myself using them for anything. They have the mounting screws with them as well. The only thing is that they are in Australia, so you'd have to pay for postage on top of the price of the pickups.

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