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NGD : Hallmark Swept Wing


Looking for a used Hallmark Swept Wing. Sparkle preferred, but as long as it's not a bass, all OK.


Hard to find these used. There's one on Reverb. However, it's the set-neck, flametop Custom version. You might want to check out some of the Surf Guitar forums like Surf Guitar 101.


Yeah, I figure it's gonna be tricky. I cross posted to surfguitar101 and offset guitars, I'm hoping to hit some of those people who may have one who might be ready to shake theirs loose.

I like the one on reverb but I like the "vintage" series, I think the pickguard counterbalances the weird shape and frames the shape really well.


I'm eaten up w/ the Hallmark 32" scale single p/u Mosrite bass


I have a Hallmark 65 Custom (the Mosrite clone) and it's a great guitar. You can check out the thread/review I did on it in "Other Guitars" here. You might want to also check out the Hallmark Owners and Players Facebook Page. Folks give heads-ups on guitars for sale there too. People tend to hang onto Hallmarks and Swept Wings are not as common as the Mosrite style guitars but one is bound to show up if you're patient. The Mosrite Forum would also be a place to look. Happy hunting.


I had a few people message me about it - I've messaged the seller, we'll see where it goes. Thanks!


It's got some pretty good sized stress cracks at the neck joint, I'm passing on it.


I think I'm just gonna cut some pedals loose and buy one new - that way I can get the color I want and not have to fool with it.

I love the "chase" but not at the expense of practicing actually playing guitar. lol


The one on Reverb appears to be sold. New looks like a great option. Bob Shade is fantastic to deal with. He answers emails fast and customer service is top notch. Hallmarks tend to hold their value pretty well. People who buy them generally know what they want and are getting and tend to hang on to them. Keep us posted on how you make out.

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