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WTB - Gold Synchro Sonic bridge and base


I am looking for a gold Synchro Sonic bridge with base for my 6193 Country Club. The original base was removed by a past owner. I live near Vancouver Canada, but I also have an address in Blaine Washington where items can be shipped.


Really?? Do you want the vintage look or is there something about the function of this 'thing' that you like? I forget, what's on there now?


Hi Dave The guitar came with a nice wood bridge. I replaced it with a brass Tru-Arc that I had in my spare parts. I have a Synchro Sonic on my 6130 that I quite like. I would like to try a Synchro Sonic on the Country Club. I know I could just put the Synchro Sonic from the 6130 on the Country club, but regardless I still want the original bridge the guitar would have had. Next I will be looking for the proper tailpiece and a good case.


Okay, but I'm curious what you didn't like about the performance of the TruArc? Oddly, a brass TruArc would be my suggestion as a great bridge for that guitar. Original bridges were Melita and reissues the Embimatic or Synchro Sonics I believe were in keeping with the vintage versions. Not for me I'm afraid. Shitty on the palm of my hand for muting and look waaaay too busy for my tastes. I like the functionality and simplistic appearance of the TruArc and the brass in your case, matches the hardware's gold.


I really like the brass Tru Arc, it sounds great and is good for palm muting. I changed to the low profile screws on the Synchro Sonic for my 6130 which helped greatly for palm muting. After I try the Synchro Sonic I may end up sticking with the Tru Arc. It doesn't matter though as I still want to have one. I guess it boils down to I am just one of those guys that like to have all the original parts.


FWIW, I prefer the Melitas over the TruArcs because it's easier to control palm muting with the Melita. Of course I get rid of the thumb screws before I ever put them on the guitar. Melita types are also good for sustain and very Bigsby friendly. I'm not knocking TueArcs, they're good too. It's just that if you have that much dislike for the Melita design, you were doing something wrong when you tried it.


I realize the lower screws are more comfortable for me as I've played one guitar with them. I also have to reiterate that guitars have to be highly visually appealing for me to own. In this regard, the Melita et al, look too 'busy' for my liking. Sorry, but sundry bits that don't have to be there bother me. It's the resemblance to the Melita that leaves me not liking the look of the new bridge in the other thread that one person said 'looks like a lego block' - the extra material between the individual string tips.


I have one that I will likely never use. It is new (included with Gretsch box) and has a set of flat head screws.

Since you and I are both LONG time residents here, I will send it to your USA address (free) if you pay the shipping.

PM me if you want photos, etc. I have a lot of things going on right now (!!!) but I should be able to send it out within a week. I have no idea of what shipping will cost.., Let me know your preferences on how, where, etc.


Enjoy, GreTschocaster!! Per my email, I'm very glad that a fellow GDP'er can make good use of it and give it a good home!

It will be on its way Tues. morning since our post offices are closed tomorrow.

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