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WTB: gold plated Selmer Bigsby or B7


Looking around for a good condition Selmer made B7 Bigsby, or... ANY model Selmer made Bigsby in gold plated finish. Thanks!


So to be sure: The B7 doesn't have to be gold? I have an aluminium Selmer B7 in my small collection that I might be willing to sell. No screws, new spring but in nice used condition.


Hey sascha... boy that didn't take long! I'll send you a PM with my offer. Thanks so much!


I'll see if it comes through. Otherwise I still might have your email address somewhere. Btw, it's the rare version without the "U.S." before the patent. Has the "licensed..." note on the back, slot heads etc. I'll try to send or load up a pic soon.


My original PM bounced back, but I sent you a direct email. Hoping the for the "US" text version, but if all the other Selmer markers are there, I'm still interested! Thx!


Here's what looks to be a regular B7.


Buuut... here's the back of it. Selmer made.


Selmer to the left. U.S. vintage to the right. Minor differences.


I've sent you some more photos, Ed. Let me know what you think.

Btw, for some reason to me Bigsby units lose nothing of their appeal when they are not attached to a guitar.


Thanks! I totally agree... these are works of art!


BTW... anyone ever encounter a left-handed Selmer made Bigsby???


I'm still in the market for a gold-plated Selmer Bigsby unit.


Do you have a photo, Ed? I don't think I have ever seen one but I'll keep my eyes open on this side of the pond.


I don't think I've seen a gold Selmer.....yet.


Here's a gold one... but they are uncommon.


Bumping... I'm still interested in a Selmer B7 or a gold plated one in any format.

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