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Information White Falcon, Custom Shop or not?


I came across this Link and it says to be a Custom Shop White Falcon. Is this true? If so, what's special about it? Or is it, as I see it, 'just' a modern pre Fender production model?

Here's a quote from the site, it starts with this:

*GRETSCH "WHITE FALCON" -Hand Made- Custom Shop Professional Series!

1999 (Pre-Fender) G6136 S# 999136-xxx (This one is Museum, Investment Grade quality)

Perfect! w/Gretsch HSC

These "CUSTOM HAND MADE" FALCONS with the 998xxx & 999xxx Serial Numbers were offered in 1998 and 1999, but prices were so astronomical that few were sold.*

What do you experts think?


The text from this ad came up for discussion a little while back... mis-informed B.S. for the most part. Not a custom shop model. None of the Terada-built guitars have ever been referred to as "custom shop". What he saw in the well-known video was standard production of a regular White Falcon, which, at Terada, most models are "hand-built" to a large degree. CNC is used for cutting body parts, and initial shaping of necks, primarily for consistency of build, but the overall production at Terada is largely hands-on.

Also, the lack of a "JT" prefix on the serial number means absolutely NOTHING in terms of whether it is custom or not... JT prefixes were not introduced until 2002, so NONE of the Gretsch models built before 2002 will have any sort of JT serial prefix.

Again, the copy in this ad is mis-informed at best, and downright deceptive at worst. Either the seller intentionally knows this, or the "guy at Fullers" which he refers to is a complete idiot when it comes to modern production Gretsch models.


Thanks for the quick respons! Just as I thought, but I had to ask anyway to make sure. The reason I ask is because there is a same model Falcon for sale, a 1990 one, referring to it as a custom shop model with a reference to the mis informed website.

Thanks again!

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