Gretsch Garage Sale

WTB: G6120DE Duane Eddy - ** GOT ONE **


FOUND ONE thanks.

Was entertaining a pre FMIC DE but I want the new one, Nitro finish, Tru-Arc blah blah.. one.

Got one to sell ? Lemme know. OR let me know who I should contact for the best deal on a new one. Got a nice quote from Rocky at Streetsounds....who else ? I've emailed Joel as well.


Be nice, he has a problem. Mitch, you have my address, just send all your guitars to me and start healing.:D


I promise...the 4th Orange guitar will be my last ! (famous last words eh ?) ... just getting set up for retirement years.

Just sold 5 lap steel guitars to fund the Gretsch addiction. 1 more steel to sell.

The DE will look SO nice with the rest of the family, doncha think ?



Yeah, I've been trying to get back to "just broke" myself.

Thing is, I have enough room onna credit card that if I were to stumble upon a new 6120DE well, let's just say it would be taking me longer to get back to just broke! ;-)

I'm pretty happy with my pre-FMIC 6120-1960 an' all, but Duane Eddy is the reason I started and play guitar (c 1960).

My used '04 6120DSW was close when I had it, but I think I really NEED a 6120DE to reach full circle on my lifetime guitar trajectory!

It remains my grail, especially now that they're back in production with all the Duane-approved touches.


That is one of the very best promotional videos ever for any kind of product and a huge testament not only to Duane and Gretsch, but to one of our most talented members, NitroG, although he is unmentioned and unseen in the video, he is the man that produced that incredible work of art.


Aquired one. Thanks guys.

That Gretsch promo vid is the BEST I've ever seen for a new product ! Outstanding work !


New or used, Mitch? Give us the story on it.


New... Richard not what you think. Found an even better price.


Probably shorter. But I DO give each of my babies their proper attention.

I may turn the Jet however ? Not sure yet. I LOVE it... just a hollowbody guy deep down.


I think we're close. I bought a Ric 360 about a month ago. Now I'm trying to flip it to get a Dyna Equipped Jet.


Your / my Jet is an AWESOME guitar and 1 of only 16 produced with the Tiger Flame top. It plays and sounds GREAT... just will not play it as much as the hollows... SO for sale ad going up soon I recon.


I'll take that as a compliment Grumps ;-) Nice problem to have... Gretsch Fever !


Yup. As long as you can feed the addiction.:D Hello, my name is Unclegrumpy and ......


So far, got disposable 'feed' so I'm good for awhile I suppose. Now looking for a Chet CE, Godin, Kirk Sands etc. nylon

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