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Super Chet fretboard inlay copied by Abe Rivera, 1979


With reference to the recent thread regarding the Super Gretsch - modern [sort of] reissue of the Super Chet - just purchased by Caliban, I referred to several features as being unique to the original guitar, which then devolved into the definition of what constitutes 'unique'. Among the several features of this MODEL that are in fact unique - never appeared previously or since, reissue notwithstanding - was the beautiful abalone inlay on the neck, headstock and tailpiece.

While history shows the Super Chet not capturing the public's interest the way Gretsch had hoped it would, it certainly caught the eye of luthier Abe Rivera. This video shows a '30's era Gibson archtop that he refurbished in around 1979 - SC came out in '72. According to the orator/player Mark Chiriboga, he replaced the fingerboard and added the inlays that you'll see in the video, and they're enough like the Super Chet's to be considered essentially identical.

I know it's only a one-off refurbishment and not a mass produced guitar, but nice to see a good idea catch the attention of a luthier of note.


A one-off copy is an homage. Multiples are copyright infringement.


A one-off copy is an homage. Multiples are copyright infringement.

– wabash slim

True enough. I just thought it noteworthy that a famed luthier saw a rare Gretsch feature and put it on an old Gibson.


Those inlays sound pretty good, LOL.


Those inlays sound pretty good, LOL.

– seadevil

Yes they do....I can confirm that!

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