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WTB Copper Truarc for epiphone


I know this is a long shot but I sold a copper truarc bridge here on gretsch discussion several years ago. At the time I wanted a brass bridge instead which I have now. Since then I have acquired a couple more guitars with brass bridges and the copper bridge would be better suited for me now with the epiphone archtop I had it on.

Call it nostalgia but looking to see if the person who owns my old truarc bridge would be interested in selling it ( I believe it has changed hands once since I sold it initially). Its copper lowrider with the flat bottoms and spacing is 3.125" I believe.


Pretty sure Tru-Arc can make another one, and even leave it unpolished so it has a patina.


I bought a copper Tru-Arc SerpenTune for my "Gent" (6122-59) several years ago and still swear by it! The Best!!


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