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WTB: Base w/ gold for 2006 Melita bridge


I bought a Gretch with a bar bridge installed (w/ a weird gold base) that was also supposed to come with the original Melita synchro bridge. Well, it came with the bridge that has a broken head screw that has to be machined out and replaced and without a base. Not sure I'm going to use it on anything (maybe replace the ABR on my Falcon SS), but I'd like to get it complete so I can** use it. Looking for a used base with gold shafts and wheels. Like this in gold:



They have an option for one in gold in the link you shared, at Blackrider for $50


I actually picked up a bridge and base missing one part that I had on my partial bridge. Worked out well.


I have a few gold ones, and the connecting bars are still silver. (or is it connecting barre?)

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