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Who needs a set of Fender chassis straps? - or - Let’s get Josh’s g…


During the amp refurbs I’m doing I decided to replace the non-Fender bolts currently in the Showman. I bought a set of bolts and straps, but the straps are too short for my amp.

It’s no biggie, I only wanted the bolts, so if anyone’s in the market for a pair of new genuine Fender 4” straps hit me up - they’re free.


Nice! Yeah, we might as well get it rolling. I'll look for any excess stuff I have lying around. Thank you, Deke!


I know I've got stuff to offer up this year....time to hit the parts drawer!


I’m sure I’ve got some other stuff laying about looking for a new home too.

Josh, I din’ mean to imply you had to offer stuff up, we just kinda got into naming this annual giveaway in your honour


I'm always glad to dig around and see what I might have to spare. It's a fun tradition that we've had for many years now!


I want to put some positive energy into the world so I'll go next: I'll happily ship a copy of Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers' Kiss My Amps Vol. 2 on vinyl to the first person that wants it (in the US please). No need to pay shipping, just want to put some positive karma out there.

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