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Wanted - Set of HS FilterTrons in Gold


Do you need English mount or screw in?


@Slickfaster - Preferrably English mount, but I can fabricate a bracket if need be, to make the NE mount work.

Cheers and thanks.


Lots on ebay $75sh per Standard mount.


Lots on ebay $75sh per Standard mount.


Cheers...............I saw those, but by the time Ebay stick on their ridiculous shipping fees, and customs charges, it actually works out cheaper to buy them at a dealer here. The best price that I've found here in Canada, for a pair of gold HS FT's is $280 CAD. By the time they add the taxes, its around $315 for the pair.

I've had pretty good luck in the past with private sales from the US, and they tend to use the cheapest USPS shipping methods to get it here. I don't think that ebay sellers have a choice, as ebay uses the global shipping program for US to Canada shipping..........and its a cash grab!!


Try this listing on

HS Filter

I am not affiliated with the seller, Angela Instruments, but they have a pretty good reputation.

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