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Wanted: Black Pickguard for a Duo Jet


Just pulled the trigger on a G6129T-59 and I really want to swap the silver pickguard for a black one. Anyone have a black guard (filtertron style) they’re looking to unload? Or a clear one?


If its a modern guitar and pick guard, you might as well repaint it yourself. Just use Lacquer thiner on the back of the pick guard to remove the paint. Then any black spray paint will work. If it has a Gretsch logo, you first paint the inside of the logo with the color you want. Clean around it and then paint the black.



I also like the look of a black pickguard. I recently made one myself for my Silverjet and posted it in this thread (post 21): LINK

That's also an option


THis one was originally gold. Sand the paint off the back & spray the back with Krylon flat black. You probably won't be able to see the black Gretsch logo though, unless you very carefully strip & repaint the logo silver, and then spray the black over it.

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