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Vintage Gibson GA-15RVT Amp - SOLD


Selling my Gibson GA-15RVT "Explorer" amp to fund another purchase. Amazing amp with fantastic reverb and trem, this was basically Gibson's version of the Princeton Reverb at the time.

Amp is in great condition and I believe is from around 1966. Still has the original 10" Alnico speaker and the original 2-button footswitch. Was recently serviced by Abell Audio - one of the best tone shops here in the Midwest - and given a clean bill of health.

Only issue to note is that the Reverb button on the footswitch doesn't seem to turn off the 'verb... But who would want to?!

Trem button works perfectly, though, and the trem on this thing is a lovely vintage wobble. The 'verb is downright cavernous, as well, and is interesting because it's ran in parallel with the rest of the amp circuit. This means that you can actually drop the amp's volume to nothing and play strictly through the reverb, which gives some crazy-drippy effects for recording.







cool !!! I have one just like this. they are great amps. wish I had known you were selling it. whoever bought it got a very good amp.



The tremolo on these things is fantastic. Among a bunch of old Fenders it was this amp I used to record this spacey opening of one of my songs back in the day. Underrated these are, in fact quite unfairly malaigned even.

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