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Vintage Dynasonic / DeArmond Model 2000T


Probably 1960s, NOS when I bought it. Reads a healthy 9.9k, bridge position, excellent condition. Includes the tape stamped “2000T”. A great example, perfect for the bridge position IMHO.

$310 + shipping


But they were only $25.50 brand new!


But they were only $25.50 brand new!

– Billy Zoom

So using an inflation calculator based on CPI, $25.50 in 1965 dollars is $207.35 in today’s dollars. Kinda makes the new stuff look like a bargain!


As someone who's played guitar for well over 60 years, I can assure you...this is the cheapest music gear has ever been. And Gretsch is the best it's ever been. Most modern amps suck though.


Well said BZ! Yeah, a little more than 1965's $25.50/todays $207.35 BUT you won't find a NOS example like this that easily. There is no rust or grime, and the chrome cover is 99 percent immaculate :D


what color is the wire from the bobbin to the hookup wire? I think this may be a bit older that what you think based on the brown goop on the backside.


Out of interest, is there a big difference between the originals like this one, and the modern Dynasonic?


Uncle Daddy: YES. My brother has an orig '57 Duo Jet w/ orig pups. I have a Reissue 6128T-57 from the early 2000s. As soon as you hear his you are transported to George Harrison's tasty fills on "Bad Boy" (Now Junior, behave yourself). It's actually shocking. I think Dynasonics may be the best pups ever made. Whatever mojo the early ones have I don't know -- but they're legendary. (no affiliation with seller)


This pickup is definitely a cut above the modern Dyna. The T-A comes close, but the T-A is too middy for my tastes, a little too 'refined'. If I go on about how much I love this pickup, guys, it won't be for sale any longer....


Now THAT'S a pickup! All that business about the creator resting on the 7th day....nope; he was busy designing this pickup.


Here’s the pickup with intact stamped tape, FWIW.


1950s. Maybe late 50s with the thicker white wire. The gooped back and white wire was used prior to the 60s. I think the used green wire around 1960-ish. No hard dates, but that has been my data point on these


They were all gooped. The color of the goop changed.


Good catch Billy. The orange-brown goop was 50s as is the white wire. They switched to a black goop and Green wire around 1960. They also used a red wire on the Martin version.


Ah good to know, 1950s is more consistent with the last owner's thoughts about it. So when did the "T" and "B" designations kick in? I thought that happened by the late 1950s, and prior to that the pickups were only issued in one height.


Sometime around 58 I think as Gretsch had moved away from them by late 57 or early 58 and both pickups were still the same height at that time.

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