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Vintage 47 Comet Supreme


For sale- Vintage 47 Comet Supreme. They don't make this model anymore. It's Mint, never out of the house. Also includes a cool canvas cover. This is 12 class AB push pull watts in an all octal tube format.

Tubes include: 5Y3 rectifier, 2 x 6V6 cathode biased power tubes, NOS 6SQ7 preamp tube with a 6SL7 phase inverter. Has a 10" Ted Weber Signature speaker. Heyboer transformers.

Hand made point to point wired in San Pedro, CA. Pinstriped Tweed center with Ostrich Tolex caps. A great blues or rock amp. $650 plus $25 for shipping. I'd love to sell in person if possible. I'm in central Pennsylvania.


I'm not in the market but just wanted to say that these are awesome. I've owned both Vintage 47 and actual vintage Supros, and I can say that you're not missing anything with V47's version - except the cost and headache of maintaining a sixty-year-old amp!

Best of luck on the sale.


What are the 3 inputs? Different gain levels? Different EQs?


Harp, Instrument. Voice. Taking a patch cable and jumpering the two external inputs and plugging into the middle adds a bit of a boost.


Price drop bump to $650

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