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Vintage 1969 DeArmond Goldfoil Mustache Guitar Pickup


DeArmond - Rowe , Vintage and rare Goldfoil moustache pickup , Model 6812. Dated Feb 19, 1969.

In very good condition with only slight wear on the pickup surround. The wire measures about 6 inches long.

Price is $125 .

Comes with free shipping in the Continental United States.


Put one of these on a '57 Rambler and it was a total blues screamer. Good luck with the sale.


Could you post a height measurement, please?

– charlie chitlins

Form the base to the top of the screws is .600 . So a little over 1/2 inch tall.


Thanks. Too tall for the guitar I want to put it on. Bummer...I really want a foil on this old Harmony archtop.

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