Gretsch Garage Sale

TV Jones Classics Neck & Bridge SOLD


PM'd you about the TV Classics ....


You sure those Classics are Universal Mount???? They look like the old humbucker mount that TV used to make. The Universal Mount still has the holes drilled through the cover to mount to the body OR attach the tabs to underneath to use in a humbucker style mount with a set of rings.


Yeah, they're the English mount, my mistake. They still work on a Gretsch (using the EM rings I have for sale). I never got your PM (PM's here never work for me). Email me at bakerstreet1972 -at- (replace the -at- with @) if your further interested. thanks!


Sorry for the delay, emails replied to. Unfortunately I can't take trades right now. English mount TV classics are still available, plus I'm including the silver rings with the purchase for $145 shipped in the CONUS. email at if you want 'em!

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