Gretsch Garage Sale

Trade my gold Bigsby B-70 for your chrome/nickel B-70?


Mine is as new, plastic still on body and prophylactic on end of arm.

I'm de-golding a guitar.


I know it seems incredible, but it's true. I really will trade you my as-new gold B-70 Bigsby for a chrome/nickel B-70.


I think you guys don't believe me, but I really AM willing to trade my glistening and pristine royal gold B70 for your plain ol' silverish one.

I know, I think I'm losing it and you don't want to take advantage of me in my dotage, but I promise my memory is so bad I'll never remember it. I won't be able to hold it against you when I come to my senses.

But OK...who has a silvery B70 doing the backstroke in their parts drawer? I'll even pay real American dollars for one.


Just called you. Check your voicemail.

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