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Trade or Buy: Looking for 2004 or 05 Fuji-Gen built 6120 am or tm (…


I'm looking for a 2004 or possibly 2005 (depending of which finish or veneer) Fuji-Gen built 6120 AM or possibly TM. (serial numbers begins with JF....)

I have a Terada built 2003, 6120 DS as a trade. I'll get pics up soon. This one has had the small vintage frets replaced with medium sized ones, and the tuners have been upgraded to Wilkinsons. Currently it has TV Jones Filter'trons in a Dyna'sonic mount. Aged binding, aged pearloid block fingerboard inlays, and nice figuring in top.


The Fuji-Gen-Gakki "AM" models are pretty easy to spot, as they've got a more orange-y color

than the ones from Terada

I'm pretty sure the Fuji models were only made a couple years.


Yes, you are right. The flame in the 2004 and early 2005 models had an irregular pattern that I prefer to the more even pattern.


I'd also be willing to purchase the right guitar for a mutual agreed upon price.


Found one. I'll be posting pics of a 6120DS for sale soon.

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