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Trade Gretsch for Gretsch? SF Bay Area


Anyone in the San Francisco Bay Area with a Gretsch or two they don't play much?

I've got two Gretsch acoustic flat tops, a 5022-12 Rancher Falcon and a G5022 Rancher jumbo cutaway that don't get enough playing time. My daughter and I won them at the 2015 Norcal Roundup. The 17" wide guitars are too big for my daughter to play comfortably, and I'm much more of an archtop guy. Both guitars are in excellent shape. The Falcon 12 string has a hardcase and the other a Gretsch gigbag.

I'm hoping that maybe someone here might have a smaller bodied Gretsch acoustic or electric of similar value(s) they'd be interested in trading? I'm thinking CVT, Jet, or parlor size acoustic.

My preference is to keep this all in the Gretsch family since they're Roundup guitars, and that's pretty frickin' awesome.

PS. for anyone attending the NorCal Roundup, I can bring the guitars there to trade.


Here's my daughter Natasha with the Rancher, our friend Isabelle with the Falcon Rancher 12, and the wonderful Carol Cat with a White Falcon at the 2015 Roundup in Alameda, CA.

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