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Trade - 2006 6120 DSW for 6120 Blue Burst


Hi all, as the topic says, looking to trade my Excellent condition 6120 DSW for 6120 Blue Burst with FilterTrons, preferably with pickup and master tone selector.


Should we assume that since your DSW is a post-FMIC guitar, you're looking to trade for a Blue Burst that's also a post-FMIC guitar?


I don't want to send like a douche, but I don't give a frog's fat ass when it's from, I just want to like the sound. But if it matters, I guess I really don't care either way? I'm kind of more a Rickenbacker guy, since 1984, so I'm sorry that i don't know the terms for Gretsch's so well. Windsor like a Red Wings fan?


Used to be when I was growing up! Then moved to Oakville so a Leaf's fan - original 6 era! Now I'm stuck with the Canucks!! Like seeing the young 'uns coming along, especially Petterssen…..he's really special.

I hear ya' about how it sounds being the most important criteria. Thought it might matter to some folks if you wanted to stay post-FMIC era. A few years back I picked up a mid 90's Blue Burst but it rarely gets played. I have 5 other guitars that get most of my playing time. It's on a stand with the rest of the herd and looks great!

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