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Towner System w/Bigsby for Broadkaster


Hi, this is a Towner hold down system to convert your Broadkaster to use a B-6 that’s completely reversible. No new holes will need to be drilled. It works great, just make sure your guitar player who is flying in to do gigs for you wants a Bigsby. (Mine prefers a hard tail) Everything is ready to go including the metric studs you will need for a Gretsch. If you want to install this on a Gibson 335 you can use your existing studs. Online price new is $273. My price Papal gift is $185 plus $10 shipping. This includes the Bigsby with standard flat handle!


Here is a pic as installed, It comes with the flat handle though.


New price of $130 plus $5 shipping PayPal friends and family. I have too much stuff and I promised my wife I would start getting rid of things I don’t need right now. More to follow... I have finally reached the tipping point!

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