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the UBANGI STOMP vs2 is here, in stock ready to ship #iknow

1 UBANGI STOMP, the Gretsch guys answer to versatile overdrive.

UBANGI STOMP™ - in Aquarium Tank metallic You asked me to bring it back, so its coming. a "gritch'stortion" pedal for those who like surf AND turf with their gretsch or any twangy guitar in general. I've even heard of strat and offset players praising heaven with it. This one is simple.. take a late 70's White Label bud box R*t pedal & tweak its values and components so when you turn up your old fullerton era amp or vintage brit plexi, you can keep the inherent twang and jangle of your tele or hollowbody gretsch/guild but harness that grindy tube clip at decent volume.

I'm upping the boutique ante' of course using silver mica,tantalum caps, metal film resistors, as well as switchcraft jacks for a solid american build. There's an internal trimmer for controlling gain on the low mids end (you can flatten the low mids nicely or snark em), and a socketed *vintage 60's NOS Metal can LM308AH Operational Amp (pre-dates the plastic chip version and its cork sniffing qualities are sweeter IMO).

There's even a position switch inside so you can chose Missionary or Pagan position!Missionary is classic tight compressed response (symmetrical clipping) and Pagan is unconventionally loose and uncompressed more bite (asymmetrical clipping) *


secret is out, I kept it till Rocktober.. the box glows in total darkness. whoohoo! I was so excited to add that extra clear coat effect.


They're dandy pedals from Chez Nocturne. Perhaps the R-t for those who never thought they'd like 'em some r-t.

And glow-in-the-dark sounds more subtle than my ABBY Bwain, whose bwue wight bwinds me.


This one has a green LED plenty bright still.a veritable party light on the ceiling or mood lighting for your headstock.


Instead of me playing my sad riffs over and over, you can hear Tony play his gretsch and the Ubangi w a Vox AC10. I think he shows a very broad example of what I was trying to recreate w a Rat's template. Its a fantastic foundational overdrive when reimagined, instead of the nasty 80s hairband fizz it became associated with. I was able to focus a really transparent and tasty texture palette on this classic circuit.

Please give a listen w good spkrs or headphones.


so 5 days ago I posted a vid of a "baritone" strat w the ubangi stomp for country fuzz.. No responses. If there are no responses because the Ubangi is not interesting, then maybe learning how to turn your average guitar into a Baritone like I did in the video link above.. will actually be something you can use? Yah? Maybe?

Its unbelievably cool, especially for $13 and 10 minutes to change your strings. Watch this guy show you how.. and dammit click like because now you know how to make your guitar sound like Duane Eddy's baritone!!!!


Tavo, have you thought about making a smaller version of these?


No real substitute for the Dano 30” scale, tuning a short scale down is pretty different


Tavo, have you thought about making a smaller version of these?

– Baxter

Dont want to as that would squish the artwork and I'd lose the surfboard stripes. It was a group of gretsch fans that rallied to pre purchase a group order that brought this pedal back. I got tired of making them because they were so labor intensive and not enough orders were coming in so I quit making them for several yrs. Younger players that dont care about rockabilly are responsible for this zombie rise.Kinda cool! fwiw.. I co-op w a young dude here in So Cal who is soldering them up for me now. still have flying leads but we designed a heavier duty circuit board w some extra features (symmetrical - asymmetric switch) and cooler graphics including the glow in the dark paint.

btw.. I have gone to smaller boxes on most all the other models.


This is my favorite Nocturne pedal of all time. It has such a distinct and quirky personality that I just love. Did I mention how much I really like it?


The glow-in-the-dark paint must be cool. But how could you see anything past that retina searing LED? My trusty old Ubangi Stomp has a blue light that always lets me (and passing aircraft) know where my pedal board is.


youre very welcome for the free upstage lighting effectThe new version has a green :) The glow in the dark effect shows on a black out stage, kind of an "easter egg" fun thing.


Is this still available with the glow in the dark clear coat? Does the free shipping code still apply?


Is this still available with the glow in the dark clear coat? Does the free shipping code still apply?

– Enis Penvy

Yes, still the same gumby paint scheme w the glo in the dark thing. At the moment the code is: feeling the blues ....and knocks $25 off the price.


Thanks. Put my order in last night. Really looking forward to it.



– Whitewatersky

sale this week, $30 off the UBaNGI Stomp drive. a lower gain version of a vintage rat. USE CODE: 30 at checkout.

little bit of a comparison of the heavy side of the Ubangi's "vintage white logo rat" voice next to the 80's Ibanez Super Metal SM-9.

The innards have a switch for symmetric and asymmetric switching as well as a high mids boost cut trimmer. 60's NOS metal Can 308 chip too boot w old school tantalum electrolytic caps and wima film caps!


I've got 4 Ubangis left in this batch, free shipping on them with code: RocknRollShakeUp


Actually he found them on line but they don't stock em. Said some runs of cigars are only available on line..its is still being produced. I think it was just under 20$ a stick but that was with out shipping n tax. Any time..

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