Gretsch Garage Sale

The beat goes on…


Well here in the Alternative Reality of DC BirdMan, things can turn on a dime. So I'll score something I have been after, get it all tweaked, brag on it here of course, and then something I wanted more shows up a short time later. So then the prior item has to go.

In this case I have a line on my own quest for the White Whale, in this case a super clean Ibanez 2404 doubleneck in white. So that means the very playable Korean Epiphone EB-1 copy w/ original pole and case is on the block. Very thumpy w/ fat strings on rare and cool 32" medium scale. Thinnest and narrowest bass neck I ever encountered. $650 shipped US. Also the grievously demented Chinese Gibson guitar bass doubleneck... plays well and lots of fun in the right setting -- you just laugh at the pain of shouldering a 15.5 pound BEAST around your neck. $750 shipped.


Intense Chinese dudes getting pretty good @ doing the headstock

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