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Telecaster Deluxe Series 2005 Special Ed. SOLD


Well this was sold, but now it's not.

My dad's Telecaster Deluxe Series Maple Neck. A Special Edition, it seems. MZ serial. 2005 $450 seems to be right.

He did not have a hard case for it, so I've currently got it in a gig bag. A sweet guitar in great condition. We can figure out shipping as you desire.


These are really well made and versatile Teles with a very comfy neck profile. Price seems fair to me. Good luck with the sale.


There is one just like this on Reverb for 800 bucks. $450 is a very good price. MIM Fenders ain't nothing to sneeze at.


Price is ridiculously fair.

What's the body wood and finish? I can't tell if I'm seeing reflections or grain. Is it cream or butterscotch or trans something?


Man, that is a great deal. Richard, I believe he is in Chatanooga.


I believe it's honey blonde with an alder body. I don't know if it's translucent or not. I'd be all over it if it had one more fret.


Whether I should or not, I might be all over it if it had one fewer pickup.


Well I think it's a rather translucent butterscotch... And actually, Pro, you'd see both reflection and grain, though I don't think these pics show it. You'ns make me question my price, 'sposin' my ignernce 'n all.

I have an idea where Dad bought it, and I know they would have given him a heck of a deal because they thought the world of him. But he was a hollow-body guy at heart, so I'm sure he just thought it was pretty. And it is.

Anyway, it's been in my floor along with the others and deserves not to be.

And Richard, I'm still in Chattanooga.


Hmm. I guess a fella like me, who's had a low-grade hanker for a classic blackguard blondiescotch Tele, could yank the middle pup and put a black guard on it. Or maybe put a black bezel on the middle pickup and black out the polepieces so it doesn't stand out so.

At this price, you're comparing to a Classic Vibe Tele, but getting the Fender logo uptop (and a spurious Strat pickup). Mighty tempting.

What's the neck radius and profile?


Or two Filter'Trons. I hear that's the dope thing to do with these Teles nowadays.


Whether I should or not, I might be all over it if it had one fewer pickup.

– Proteus

Easily remedied, sir! In the spirit of JB's Holiday Free Stuff thread, I'd do it for you for the cost of a switch , pickguard and whatever the transit would be. (two pickups and a 4 way would be reallll nice)


I used to have one of those in candy apple red and a rosewood fingerboard.

Then I did two incredibly stupid things: 1, I modded it and 2, I sold it.

I made these mistakes and I'm sharing them with all o' y'all so you don't have to.

If I had 450 bucks laying around, I'd be all over it.


Congratulations on the sale. Somebody got a great deal on a nice guitar. I was so tempted to buy it. Did it sell to a GDP member?


Yessir. Good to keep 'em in the fold.

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