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Tele Partscaster with scalloped neck


Selling this interesting Tele partscaster. I did not put it together except to have the Bigsby put in by a professional. Scalloped board, Seymour Duncan pickups, pine barn body, Callaham titanium saddles that can intonate from the front, Bigsby.

This thing plays beautifully and I love the tone of it.Still Tele ish but more woodier and open than spanky planky. Scallop work nicely done and neck feels awesome.

Two things: 1) Originally had a six saddle American style bridge. When putting the Bigsby on it become apparent that some of the routing and specs were off on the build. Workaround was to use the Vibramate bridge but place the Bigsby more accurately so the Bisgby is a drilled install.

2) I got this as assembled but apparently there was some neck pocket discrepancy: I can see a shim and the neck plate is angled. However its solid with no wiggle. Revised price of 575. Its a cool piece but I'm itching for something very different...

More pics here at a corrected link : Link

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