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Stolen Guitars in France


Hi all

My house was broken into two days ago, and, sadly, the bastards left with four of my babies, two of them being Gretsch

These guitars are pretty easily recognizable.... I you happen to cross one them (I'am allowed a bit of dreaming, am I not ?), 1- Shoot, no warning needed, 2 - Let me know... Here's the list:

  • Gretsch Anniversary 6118T, 2008, Pinstriped par Hot Rod Walt Richards, Chet wire arm.

  • Grestch Rancher 6022CV, 1992. serial number 926022CV/44. Yep, the 44th out of the 50 ever produced. F... hurts...

and also (not exactly Gretsch, I know, but ...)

  • Fender Telacaster Baja Blonde, pinstriped par Laurent Bouvier

  • Fender Telecaster Std Mexico, 1999 or early 2000's, Duesenberg bridge, Dynasonic neck pick up, dice knobs. the full kitsch... I had a Photoshop made for this one, as don't even have a real picture of it.

Please share.


Sorry that happened.

They are really distinctive guitars, so they should be easy to spot if they're being displayed in public.

Good luck, and I hope they're returned quickly.


Damn, that sucks! Hope you get your guitars back, Fred.

There ought to be a special place in hell for people who steal musical equipment. Maybe there is. I ain't going there, for sure.



Really hard news Fred, I had a break-in back in 2010. They took several guitars and a load of gear. I feel your pain brother, I'm praying that you will get it all back. I do believe that there is a special place in Hell for thieves!


I do believe that there is a special place in Hell for thieves!

According to Dante, the 8th Circle. A lawyer might be able to negotiate a higher berth - if he could get out of his special pit.


I'll keep my eyes "peeled" Fred, best of luck for a speedy return


Elles sont reconnaissables.... on garde les yeux ouverts!


Will pass on to les amis gratteux. What region?


Will pass on to les amis gratteux. What region?

– Joss

region parisienne


Take details pics of your gear upon acquisition and record serial #'s so you have something to provide the police. You would most likely have to hit the pavement and notify your local pawn shops, post/monitor in Craigslist, guitar forums and E-bay. It's never going to be easy. The chances of a recovery is probably minimal at best.

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