Gretsch Garage Sale

Squier VM jaguar Body


$115 shipped in the USA, $100 with trem removed.

Also would trade straight up for Boss FRV-1 reverb.

One little ding on the back as you can see in the closeup. The other stuff on the black area is just dust.

It looks super target bursty in the sun, but much more subdued indoors. It's ready to add AVRI pickguard, hardware, and mustang and/or Jaguar bridge (I already filled & drilled for the Jag/Mustang bridge). You just need to figure out the trem - either use what I've got there, or a Bigsby type, or rout for Jaguar trem.

I've got little pieces of wood glued in the pickup cavity - that so AVRI Jag pickups will sit up high enough to mount.

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