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Vintage Trouble at Glastonbury 2015 - Scripty Jet!


Great, great band. Saw them recently in a small club in Toronto. Highly recommended.


Going to see them in Monaco the 8th of july… can't wait !


Cracking looking guitar too. Picture nicked from the BBC website.


When I got to sit through their sound check in our tiny Zanzabar here in The Ville, and then chat with them for a while, Nalle was waiting for his Stern's masterpiece, as he dubbed her. He posts about her on Twitter all of the time. He sent me a message as soon as he got her and pronounced her just as terrific as promised. AND, it's so sweet that his band, Vintage Trouble, is just wonderful. I swear the first time we saw them we were sad to see them as the opening act for The Who leave the arena so the main act could take the stage. Small venue or huge, they're the real deal. I'll bet he gets more CS beauties over the years.


Never heard of this band but loved the performance. Very nice Jet too!


Good looking axe! An interesting mash-up of features... Filters with a tone knob!


Finally a big Gretsch neck as it would suit me perfect I think. Love it.


Not so sure about the big fat neck, but a killer looking guitar and a smokin' good band.

More Scripty, more tone knob, more T'Armonds. Filters would be good too.


For me, Vintage Trouble is the most significant new rock band that has come on my radar in the last five to ten years. Seeing them live or even television yields the same high dose of excitement and electrical energy. Ty Taylor channels much of that same sexual energy of a young James Brown. And Nalle's guitar playing is perfectly suited for the three-piece -- not too much playing and not too little.

I am happy for Joe C. and Fred Gretsch that the band has so readily adopted Gretsch as a manufacturer. Seeing Nalle playing that orange hollowbody on a national television commercial was exciting for the Company. In a world where relationships between artists and manufacturers seem to depend upon which direction the wind is blowing, let's hope that this relationship continues to develop and thrive.


That does look like a generous neck profile. First thing that struck me about the guitar when watching the video. Were those two tweed Deluxes he had miked up?


i enjoyed that very much. also, we need more jets with blocks and scripty logos, especially with filters. it gives them enough visual interest to stand up to penguins.

he didn't sound bad before with les pauls, but that jet is working.


Were those two tweed Deluxes he had miked up?

I've read he uses Lazy J amps. The J20 is an updated 5e3 I believe.

Lazy J


fantastic band and singer


Thought you guys might like to know that the pickups in that guitar were made by Matt Gleeson at Monty's Guitars in London, UK.

Nalle the guitarist wanted a PAF tone with Filtertron looks, and Since Monty's PAF is regarded as one of the best - if not THE best - PAF replica currently available, it seems Gretsch and Steve Stern made a good choice when they worked with Matt on this.

Apparently these Monty-trons will be available for sale very soon - and they're tappable.


Picture showing copper top plate.


That looks very cool.


It still sounds like a Jet even with PAF style pickups. I love his guitar tone. Nalle is awesome in every way. He's a cool guy and a phenomenal guitar player.


Fantastic band. I hope to see them. Pardon my ignorance, do you mean PAF as in Gibson humbucker or PAF Filtertron? Whatever it is, it's really working. That band is tight; I can say that because I saw James Brown up close one time, and Vintage Trouble has that energy.


PAF as in Gibson humbucker lx.


only 24 message on this very exciting post ? it's sad.

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