Gretsch Garage Sale

Spring Cleaning Sell Off!


I'm selling a few things to save up for an iPad ... (thanks Proteus ;-) )

[Tascam DP-008 – 8 track digital recorder. $120.00] SOLD(

This is a review

Maxon OD-808 - $75

and it sounds like…

I'll throw in shipping for any GDPer. I like PayPal.


The Tascam is almost new. It's a nice and easy 8 track, I almost never needed the manual. Works like a Portastudio. I'm moving to Garage Band.

The MAXON overdrive is much like a Tube Screamer. I can't tell the difference. I'm more of a RAT guy, it goes.


TASCAM is SOLD. That just leaves the MAXON. Maybe I'll keep it.


Maxon and EVERYTHING is now SOLD! Thanks everyone. I now have an iPod.


Wow, I think that's the fastest I've seen a list of stuff go in a while. Glad I could help!


Yup, a whirlwind alright. Play well, friend.


good pricing, and quick, concise responses are a sure way to move your stuff. Congrats.


Play well, friend.

Well, that may be a lot to ask, but I can surely play loud! :D

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