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Silverface Fender Princeton (sold locally through kijiji)


Silverface Fender Princeton made in 1977. All original including speaker and components with the following exceptions: -grounded AC chord -speaker baffle tapped for a 12" speaker (not routed, just mounting screw holes, so a 12" speaker can be dropped in easily to replace the existing, original 10" Oxford) The amp has been serviced, well cared for and sounds great; tremolo is exceptional. These non-reverb Princetons do not really break up so are great for sparkly clean sounds and work very well with pedals for overdrive/distortion. Amp has matched EH 6V6 power tubes and new Mullard and Tung Sol phase inverter and preamp tubes. Rectifier tube is vintage. $750USD + shipping. PM me for more photos which include the inside.


I love these amps. Prefer them to the reverbs and are currently trying to buy my old one back. I’m not in the US so they are not easy to come by. They really do stay clean, sparkly and punch


Might have a sale locally through kijiji. I'll know in a couple of hours. Just need to sell the Players Edition 6118T-SGR and then I can get a Guitar that has been in my mind for over a year.


Very nice amps!! They stay clean all the way up the dial.

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