Gretsch Garage Sale

Seeking Trades


I have a bunch of gear including two Gretsch Falcon's that I am looking to trade or sell. My stuff is all excellent to minty condition and want the same with the trades. I can take lots of pix. Just let me know.
Here's the rub, I'd prefer to meet and do an in person swap. I live in central Pennsylvania and am willing to meet half way if the trip is reasonable.

Let me know. I have the following for consideration:

1) G6136T-AZM Falcon Limited

2) G6136T-LTD15 Falcon

3) Paul Reed Smith 24 Custom SE Limited Exotic Rosewood top

4) Paul Reed Smith Silver Sky

5) Paul Reed Smith Retro Santana Gold Top

6) Supro S6420 Thunderbolt plus reissue

Last, I prefer Vintage Select/ Golden Era reissues or other desired specs where noted.

What I'm looking in no particular order are any of the following:

1) G6119T-62 Tenny Rose VS

2) G6120T-55 Chet VS

3) G6120EC Eddie Cochran

4) G6128T-53 Duo Jet VS

5) G6118T-60 Annie VS

6) Any 6120 Setzer model

7) Rev Horton Heat 6120

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